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Ninja Series Regionals Katowice - Adults / 13/10/2024

Ninja Series Regionals Katowice - Adults / 13/10/2024

Ninja Series Regionals, which are becoming more and more popular in Poland and Europe, offer participants the opportunity to test themselves on tracks of varying degrees of difficulty. During the competition, participants will have to go through three stages of competition: eliminations, semi-finals and finals. Each stage has been designed in such a way as to gradually raise the bar - starting from simpler obstacles in the qualifying rounds, through more complex ones in the semi-finals, to the most demanding ones in the finals, which will be a real challenge created by local organizers.

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🏆 Zawody dla każdego
🤸 Wyjątkowy tor przeszkód - eliminacje i finały
🌟 Rozwój umiejętności ninja
🤝 Zawody w atmosferze współzawodnictwa
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Ninja Series Regionals in your city!

Welcome to the world of Ninja Series Regionals, a place where passion for extreme sports combines with the spirit of healthy competition! If you dream of testing your skills on ninja tracks and you're not sure it's for you... Ninja Series Regionals is the perfect opportunity. The competitions take place in various Polish cities and selected locations in Europe, which gives everyone a chance to take part.

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More fun and rewards!

Designed for development and fun, this category rewards frequent participation - the more starts, the more points. This is a league for fun. This is a perfect test for new people and a great test before the Season 3 league clashes. It may be the beginning of your life path by overcoming obstacles or an option to stay in the competitive element. Consistently performing well in regional competitions may also result in an invitation to the elite Pro Ninja Series competition in the next league season

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Impact on qualification for the Ninja Series League 🏁

Results at regional events influence qualifications for the highest-class competition in the Ninja Series League. More information about the full organizational structure of the Ninja Series will be available soon. The Pro League will take place in the second half of 2024.

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