Collection: Ninja Series Kids League - Polish Cup

The highest level of competition Ninja Series Kids:
1) NS Kids Kraków / BEFIT 24 Gym - 07/04/2024 - Conversion rate x 0.8 points
2) NS Kids Łódź / Lets Revolve - 12/05/2024 - Conversion rate x 0.8 points
3) Ninja Series Kids Polish Championship (league half-year) - TBA - 1-2/06/2024 - Conversion rate x 1.5
4) NS Kids Zielona Góra - September 1, 2024 - Conversion rate x 0.8 points
5) NS Kids FIWE near Nadarzyn - 08/09/2024 - Conversion rate x 0.8 points
6) Ninja Series Kids league final - December 15, 2024 - TBA - Conversion rate x 1.5 points

The nationwide structures have been refined in such a way that in 2024, i.e. SEASON 3, any willing child can sign up for this league, but priority will be given to people who took part in 2023. in case of too many entries per category. The age category limit is 24 people!

However, in 2025, we will obligatorily take into account the results from the 2024 season and additionally we anticipate promotions and relegations to the For Fun "Ninja Series Regionals Kids" league.

The next event from the Kids PRO league

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