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Ninja Series Regionals Rzeszów - Kids / 24.11.2024

Ninja Series Regionals Rzeszów - Kids / 24.11.2024

Ninja Series Kids is a dynamically developing league, created for the youngest sports and physical activity enthusiasts. This organization aims to promote a healthy lifestyle and develop sportsmanship from an early age. We offer a wide range of events and programs, tailored to the various needs and skills of our young participants.

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Pro Ninja Series Kids League - your professional league

  • Ninja Series European League Kids - our flagship project, constituting the top of the hierarchy in the structure of our development activities. This is where the most talented children have the opportunity to compete and show their skills at the highest level. League start in 2025 Results from Season 3 will be taken into account
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Ninja Series Regionals Kids - start with small steps!

  • Ninja Series Regionals Kids - This category, created for younger participants, promotes development and fun through frequent participation - the more starts, the more points and more experience. This league is aimed at entertainment. This is an ideal opportunity for beginners and a perfect test for greater challenges in the European League Kids. This may be the first step in their adventure in overcoming obstacles and a chance to maintain their competitive spirit. Consistently strong results in regional competitions in 2024 may also open the way to an invitation to the Pro Ninja Series competition for junior competitors in 2025
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  • Our organizational structure is carefully designed to ensure comprehensive development, improvement of skills and promotion of a healthy and active lifestyle among children and adolescents. Our events and programs respond to the needs of young sports enthusiasts, offering them a platform to develop their passions, talents and healthy competition.
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